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Candibox™ is the first reliable internal bee feeder system that avoids bee drowning, has over 2 gallons capacity, and it's virtually maintenance free. The secret of this revolutionary concept is the special shape of the Candibox™ that allows fitting the frames inside it.


Why is Candibox™ better than any other feeder?

1. Avoids bee drowning (better than rough walls)
2. Over 2 gallon capacity
3. The frames fit inside the feeder
4. Environmentally-friendly recyclable plastic
5. Reduces feeding time
6. Internal
7. Maintenance free
8. Controls wax moths (even when the feeder is empty)
9. Separated from hive's base
10. Heavy duty construction
11. Bees can easily reach the bottom with no risk
12. Made in USA


1 - Remove 2 Frames from any box on the hive.
2 - Place the feeder on the open space so it rests on the floor.
3 - Put the two frames back inside the feeder.
4 - Fill the feeder with your bee feed of choice (syrup, jelly, etc.).

For a more efficient operation it is better to place the feeder in the same position on all the hives. For example: the far right side of the lower box in all hives. This way when it's refill time you already know where all the feeders are. You can leave the feeders inside the hive all year round, even if you do not fill them.


1 - Move all the tops of the hives to open a space enough to put     the tip of the feeding hose.
2 - Refill all the feeders.
3 - Put the tops back to their place.

This simple and standard way will save you a lot of time on the refilling operation.


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