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Welcome to the Candibox™  homepage, here you will find information about the best bee feeder on the market as well as all the accessories you need to greatly reduce the time for feeding your colonies. 8 to 10 seconds per colony is all it takes to leave them ready with enough syrup for at least one month. But speed is not the only advantage of our system, Candibox™is the first reliable internal bee feeder  that avoids bee drowning, has over 2 gallons capacity, and it's virtually maintenance free. The secret of this revolutionary concept is the special shape of the Candibox™that allows fitting the frames inside it.  If you want to know more, go ahead and jump to Candibox™  BeeFeeder System for a complete explanation of the system and the feeder itself . You can also check out our Price List or even order by printing our Order Form and send it by mail (PO Box 76,  Yorba Linda, CA 92885) to our sales department. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by e-mail at  sales@candibox.comor by phone (714-579-1911). 
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Phone: 714-579-1911
Email: sales@candibox.com
PO Box 76
Yorba Linda, CA  92885

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